30HP 4WD Farm Tractor, Small Tractor for Sale

30HP 4WD Farm Tractor, Small Tractor for Sale

30HP Four wheel drive Farm Tractor, Tiny Tractor for Sale


Small garden tractors with tiny dimensions, compact construction, strong engine, flexible manipulation, flexible are designed for eco-friendly residence, orchards, vegetable garden paticularly for various kinds of tiny fields, can be matched with all kinds of implements like plow, fertilizer, rotavator trailer and so on.

Main gadgets:

*3cylinder motor
*CZPT steering
*One stage clutch
*PTO: 720rpm
*Partial divided hydraulic hitch
*Clipper-built hood
*CZPT: F8+R2
*External air filter
*Routine maintenance-free battery
*6 tooth spline

Alterable devices:

*Air issue Cabin
*Warmth Cabin
*Roll bar
*Multi-way valve
*CZPT velocity PTO
*CZPT stage clutch


1.8+2 sliding gear change, all gears are arranged in purchase, great adaptability in all agricultural circumstances.
2. Draft /place manage hydraulic regulating method: Category I hitch: CZPT velocity PTO output…
three. Shut paddy front travel axle, large procedure effectiveness and ideal for paddy operation.
four. Alternatives: Air brake. It can complete all farm work and transport function.
five. Strengthened PTO shaft, hello-trustworthiness.
6. Can install CZPT engines like ZheCZPT Yuchai, YTO makes and ZheCZPT lijia, strong and dependable.


CZPT Info Sheet (304)
Engine Model LD
Rated power(kw/hp) 22/thirty
Type three-Cylinder, Vertical, Water Cooled, four-Stroke Cycle, Immediate injection combustion chamber
Rated velocity 2350
Bore (mm) ninety five
Dimensions of
Overall Dimensions L×W×H(mm) 3200 ×1500×1880
Wheel foundation(mm) 1670
Tread(mm) Front wheel 1065
Rear wheel 1200
Min. Ground Clearance (mm) 380
CZPTal fat (Kg) 1330
Pace(km/h) CZPT one.71 ~ 26.thirteen
Reverse 2.26 ~ 10.forty three
Transmission Clutch One stage clutch, one disk, dry-variety
Central CZPT Spiral bevel gear pair
CZPTial Shut, 2 planetary equipment
Transmission& Steering Steering Kind CZPT electricity steering
Wheel Tire Front Wheel six.00-16
Rear Wheel nine.50-24
CZPT Hitch Variety Built-in
Energy consider-off Speed of PTO (r/min) 540 or 720
Linkage Classification I three-stage linkage
PTO Spline Dimension φ35×6 


1. Steamline include gives great visual appeal.
2. 8+two sliding equipment alter, all gears are aranged in buy, good adaptability in all agricultural problems
three. Daft/situation handle hydraulic regulatingsystem Catergory a single hitch CZPT pace PTO
4. Shut paddy rice entrance drive axle, large procedure efficiency and suitbale for paddy operation.
5. Optional air brake, it can full all farm perform and transport work.
six. Reinforced PTO shaft, hi-reliability.
seven. Can set up CZPT domestic engines, like ZheCZPT Yuchai, YTO Brand names strong and reputable

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30HP 4WD Farm Tractor, Small Tractor for Sale