5ton Tilt Tray Recovery Vehicle

5ton Tilt Tray Recovery Vehicle

 5Ton Tilt Tray CZPTvery Automobile (CZPT six Flatbed Automobile CZPT Tow Truck)

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 Specification of motor vehicle:

Design:  DRZ5120
Overall dimension (mm): 8430X 2400X2520
Curb vehicle weight(kg): 6520
Gross vehicle weight(kg): 12459
Max velocity(km/h): 103
Wheelbase(mm): 4400
Approaching/Departure Angle(°): 21.five/11
Axle Ability(FR/RR)(kg): 4370/8125
Minimum ground clearance(mm): two hundred
Greatest gradeability(%): 30
Minimal turning radius(m): eighteen
HangCZPTage(km): seven hundred
Tire dimensions: 8.25R20

 Motor parameter:

Product: ISF3.8s5154
Type: Turbocharged
Displacement (cc): 3760
Type Of Fuel: Diesel
Max. Power (hp/rmp): 154/2600
Max. Torque (N.m/rmp): 491/1900
Emission: CZPT V -6


I. Flatbed Platform mechanism description

The system is sliding rail sort and it is pushed by oil cyinders. It is produced of Q345 substantial energy steel plate with realistic structure.The surface area of the system adopted not only minimizes dead bodyweight but also facilitates the use of equipment like bangdage

The least inclination angle is of 8 degree when the system is totally prolonged, and the slope is reasonably mild to make certain there is no speak to with car base during the whole loading & unloading approach.

II.  Lifting technique

Lifting technique is pushed by internal & external sleeve sliding sort oil cylinder made of Q345. And it has rewards like large lifting force and stability underneath the situation of power. The doing work product is as follows: When the cylinder minimal down the lifting arm, the telescopic arm extends right up until the entrance bracket of the swinging arm reaches the lifting position of motor vehicle. An then place the rear bracket and insert the plug, tie up the lifting arm with towed car with bandage. And with the contraction of oil cylinder, the motor vehicle is lifted.

III. Operation mechanism

The operation mechanism is an auxiliary joint operation system, which permits the operator run at both sides of the automobile. And it makes it possible for the operator run at the facet much from the lane and enhances the usefulness and safey.

IV. CZPT technique

The towing truck is primarily managed by the hydraulic program,and torque is transferred by the PTO, connects with equipment pump, and finally connects to each and every pipeline. And it is controlled through several directional valve. Also balancing valves and hydraulic locks is supplied in the hydraulic pipelines.


one.Description of chassis
The cabin & chassis adopted for this towing truck is Captain product from Xihu (West Lake) Dis.Feng,whose driving sort is 4X2,and emission normal is national IV stage. It adopts a flat head with two-doorway and 3-seat structure, and is provided with all metal enclosed taxi and air conditioner.
Solar shield is set up at the front of the cabin, which provides a excellent driving eyesight for the driver. And wide entrance windshield offers the best driving condition. 3 points fixing for rear view mirror bracket assures the security of rear look at mirror driving. More substantial measurement of front mirror gives wider visual assortment. The pendulum mirror successfully minimizes the blind region of view.

two:Electricity technique:robust electricity & large economy 

This captain product is outfitted with CZPT CZPT motor ISF3.8s5154 motor, with a max electricity 154 hp and max torque 419 N.m.  It is of robust electrical power and excellent top quality.

3.Gold mixture amongst CZPT gearbox & DANA axle.

CZPT 6 velocity gearbox with all-aluminum gearbox housing, smooth electrical power transmission and decreased dead-weight.
DANA axle enjoys benefits like new alloy steel axle housing, three-axis dry reducing engineering for spiral bevel equipment and high density tooth. These characteristics make this design a dazzling exhibit of energy.

4.Long-term and CZPT Quality Ensure

1. 2 many years or 50000 kilometers, which takes place initial Ensure addresses motor, transmission, air conditioner, and entrance and rear axles.
two. Free rapidly relocating parts presented together with the vehicle to guarantee the basic safety of driving
3. For other warranty elements or specifics, remember to kindly see the procedure manual.

Upper portion


 1.Platform mechanism description

Web size of fiat plate(mm): 6140
Internet width of flat plate(mm): 2320
Top of the heart of mass(mm): 750/1085
Brake distance when unladed (initial velocity:30km/h)(m): six.eight
No-lade static side tumbing atabiity(°) 35.fifteen
Entrance axle loading/G.V.W underneath max lifting capability(%): 15.8
Loading time(min): 2
Unloading time(min): two
CZPTening time(min): five
Max load potential(kg): 5780
Least angle(°): 8
Max winch pressure(kN): 50
Max towing excess weight(kg): 12000
Max lifting bodyweight beneath ful extension issue(kg): 3000
Powerful duration of lifting arm(mm): 1600

As for platform,it adopts oil cylinders driving sliding rail kind.It is created of Q345 large power metal plate with reasonable structure.The floor of the platform adopts not only decreases lifeless excess weight bus also facilitates the use of instruments like bangdage.

EQ1033SJ15QC LJ4A15Q 3,,
EQ1035SJ15QCWXP LJ4A15Q two.6,,
EQ1070SJ3BDF CY4BK551 3308 Abdominal muscles
EQ1070SJ3BDFWXP CY4BK551 3308 Abs()
EQ1041SJ3BDC 4A2-88C50 2600 ABS
EQ1070SJ3BDF 4B2-115C50 3308 Stomach muscles
EQ1070SJ3BDF YC4FA115-fifty 3308 Stomach muscles
EQ1070DJ3BDF YC4FA115-50 85KW 3308
EQ1070DJ3BDF ZD30D13-5N  96KW 3308 Ab muscles
EQ1070DJ3BDF() 4B2-115C50  85KW 3308 Ab muscles
JX1061TSG25 JX493ZLQ5() 3360 (1041:seven.nine)
QL1070A5HWY 4KH1CN5HS(96) 3815  3360:13.four
EQ1080SJ8BDC(750) CY4SK251 3800 6ABS
EQ1080SJ8BDC(750) YC4FA130-fifty 3800 6ABS
EQ1110SJ8BDC(825R16) YC4S150-fifty 3800 6ABS
EQ1110SJ8BDC(825R16) CY4SK251 3800 6ABS
EQ1110SJ8BDC(825R20) CY4SK251/ 3800 6ABS
EQ1090SJ8BDE(825R16) CY4SK251 4400 6ABS
EQ1090LJ8BDE(825R16) CY4SK251 4400 6ABS
EQ1090SJ8BDE(825R16) 150 4400 6ABS
EQ1090LJ8BDE(825R16) 150 4400 6ABS
EQ1070SJ3BDF (700-sixteen) 4DW93-84E5 (64) 3308 5ABS,
EQ1070SJ3BDF (seven hundred-sixteen)  YN33CRE1  (85) 3308 5ABS,
EQ1110SJ8BDC(825R20) 4DX23-140E5(105) 3800 6ABS
EQ1110SJ8BDC(825R20)  YN38CRE1(ninety five) 3800 6ABS
EQ1165LJ9BDE YC4S160-fifty 3950,Stomach muscles,,
EQ1165LJ9BDE YC4EG170-fifty 3950,Ab muscles,,
EQ1165LJ9BDE YC4EG185-fifty 4500,Ab muscles,,
EQ1161LJ9BDE(,900) YC4EG170-50 5200,Abdominal muscles,,
EQ1161LJ9BDE(,900) YC4EG170-fifty 5600,Abs,,
EQ1161LJ9BDE(6900) ISB180 fifty 3950,Stomach muscles,,
EQ1161LJ9BDE(1000) ISB180 50 4500,Ab muscles,,
  ISB180 50() 4700
EQ1161LJ9BDE(,275/80) ISB180 fifty 5200,Abdominal muscles,,
EQ1161LJ9BDE(,275/80) ISB180 fifty 5600,Ab muscles,,
EQ1035SJ16QC     LJ4A15Q6(eighty three) 2600
EQ1035SJ16QC     LJ4A15Q6(eighty three) 3000
EQ1045/1075SJ3CDF CY4BK461(ninety six) 3308,700R16,5
EQ1045/1075SJ3CDF YCY24140-sixty(103) 3308,700R16,six
EQ1045/1075SJ3CDF CA4DB1-11E6(eighty one) 3308,700R16,5
EQ1045/1075SJ3CDF D20TCIF1(93) 3308,700R16,5
EQ1125SJ8CDC CY4SK361(125) 3800,245,six
     EQ1095SJ8CD2      YCY24140-60(103) 3800,750R16,6
EQ1125SJ8CDC D25TCIF1(110) 3800,825R20,6
EQ1125SJ8CDC NV30-C6D(120) 3800,825R20,6
EQ1165/1185LJ9CDE B6.2NS6B210(154) 3950,295,six
EQ1165/1185LJ9CDE B6.2NS6B210(154) 4500,295,6
EQ1165/1185LJ9CDE YCS04200-68(147) 3950,295,6
EQ1165/1185LJ9CDE YCS04200-68(147) 4500,1000R20,six


5ton Tilt Tray Recovery Vehicle