9HP Petrol Engine All-Gear Drive Agricultural Power Tiller, Garden Tiller, Mini Tiller

9HP Petrol Engine All-Gear CZPT Agricultural Power Tiller, Garden Tiller, Mini Tiller

330 sequence multi-objective tiller is the best both for a family members with multi-task gardening on a massive lot or a farmer in a hilly area and a greenhouse. It has a electrical power-taking-out port (PTO) at its rear conclude, so it can adapt a lot of electricity attachments to execute several work:plowing,cultivation,garden mowing,brush slicing,harvesting,water pumping, spraying,snow sweeping,snow throwing,CZPT Plowing,branch chipping and so on.

You can decide on either gasoline or diesel motor with variation horse electricity(six.5HP-14HP).You can commence the motor both manually or electricly.

The primary transmission gearbox is totally sealed and effectively-lubricated.A differantial mechanism is inbedded in design.Therefore,you can make turns very easily.It can be utilized to tow a trailer of 500 kg.

The take care of bar can be established at any angular situation to make your perform conveniente.

Your price of our item is about forty% much less than its countpart created in Italy. We give 18 months guarantee on the main gearbox and clutch.


Design: 330/G177 requirements:

  • Motor: Gasoline 9HP
  • CZPT CZPTt Choice: Yes
  • Weight: 120KGS(incorporate 65cm Tiller)
  • PTO Output Velocity: 990 RPM
  • Doing work Speeds: 3 CZPT, 2 reverse
  • CZPT Speeds: 1./two.3/eleven. KM/H
  • Reserve Speeds:1./two.three KM/H
  • CZPT Wheel Size: four.00-10 or five.00-ten
  • Transmission: All Gear CZPT
  • Axle Configuration: CZPTial CZPT with Lockout
  • Clutch Type: CZPT Cone, CZPT-Loaded


  • CZPTial CZPT with Lockout
  • A quick transport pace to experience your tiller to the yard (requires sulky)
  • Easy-to-have interaction, shuttle-variety reverse
  • Anti-vibe handlebars that immediately change the two vertically and aspect-to-facet


Other Functions:

*Sickle Bar Mower

*CZPT Thrower

*CZPT/Street Sweeper

*CZPT Plow

*Rotary Plow


*Single Plough


9HP Petrol Engine All-Gear CZPT Agricultural Power Tiller, Garden Tiller, Mini Tiller