Advance Marine Gearbox Pto Hydraulic Clutch HCl250s for Generator

CZPT Marine CZPT Pto CZPT Clutch HCl250s for Generator

CZPT Marine CZPT PTO CZPT Clutch HCL250S for Generator


HCL-sequence hydraulic clutch possesses features of clutching and de-clutching. It attributes in modest in quantity, gentle in weight, large in torque transmitting and prolonged in services existence.

Major Information

Product Enter Velocity
Trans. Torque
Trans. Ability
Web Excess weight
HCL30S 750-1500 .three .031 345×310×455 100
HCL30F 1500-2500
HCL100S 750-1500 1 .105 570×420×535 156
HCL100F 1500-2500
HCL250S 750-1000 2.five .262 554×425×635 210
HCL250F a thousand-2500
HCL320S five hundred-one thousand three.2 .335 554×425×635 210
HCL320F one thousand-2500
HCL600S 750-one thousand six .628 746×560×688 450


HCL-sequence hydraulic clutch can match diesel engines with various rotation directions, suitable for lengthy-time engagement in constantly functioning machinery or repeated dis and re-engagement in non-continuously doing work machinery, or no-load commencing of operating machinery. It is broadly utilized to function with numerous maritime auxiliary equipment or common machineries (this sort of as generator, blower, types of pumps, web hauler and and so forth.)

CZPT Marine CZPT Pto CZPT Clutch HCl250s for Generator