Bkm063 Gearbox Worm Reduction Gear Motor Geared Transmission High Speed Reducer Helical Hypoid Manufacture Pto Planetary Electric Vehicle Iron Double Auto

Bkm063 CZPT Worm Reduction Gear Motor Geared Transmission High Speed Reducer Helical Hypoid Manufacture Pto Planetary CZPT Vehicle Iron Double Auto

BKM063 CZPT worm reduction gear motor geared transmission higher speed reducer helical hypoid manufacture PTO planetary electric automobile iron double auto

Merchandise Characteristics

one. CZPT by hypoid gear, has huge ratios.
two. Massive in output torque, large efficiency, energy saving and environmental defense.
3. Created of large top quality aluminum alloy, mild in weight and non-rusting
four. Clean in running and low in sound, can operate prolonged in dreadful situations.
5. Excellent-looking in appearance, durable in service daily life and little in quantity.
six. Ideal for all round installation, extensive application and effortless of use.
seven. The Mounting Dimension of BKM series are appropriate with NMRV collection worm equipment unit (A element of NMRV050 proportions are diverse from BKM050)
8. Modular and multi-framework can meet the needs of a variety of situations.



Kind BKM50,BKM63,BKM75,BKM90,BKM110
Transmission Stage B: 2 stages
C: 3 phases
Ratio B: seven.five,10,12.five,15,twenty,25,thirty,forty,50,60
C: 50,60,seventy five,a hundred,one hundred twenty five,a hundred and fifty,two hundred,250,300
Output torque Up to 500N.m
Motor energy .12~5.5KW,with flange:B5 or B14
Housing content Aluminum alloy
Output shaft substance: 40Cr
  Hardness degree: 242-286HB
CZPTcal gear Materials:20CrMnTi
Hardness degree: fifty eight-62HRC
CZPT degree:six grade
Transmission effectiveness B:ninety two%-94%
Oil seal brand SKF
Lubricant Mineral oil or artificial oil

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Bkm063 CZPT Worm Reduction Gear Motor Geared Transmission High Speed Reducer Helical Hypoid Manufacture Pto Planetary CZPT Vehicle Iron Double Auto

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