China Good quality Auto Parts/Vehicle Spare Parts CZPT Gearbox Synchronizer Ring 3162 3169 car gearbox

Product Description

Product Description

Auto Parts/Vehicle Spare Parts  WanHangZhou gearbox Synchronizer ring 3162 3169
truck :WanHangZhou
Item:Gearbox transmission
P/N:3162 3169
Color:  White
Weight:1 KGS 

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Xihu (West Lake) Dis.feng Series

WanHangZhou Gearbox transmission


HangZhou Gearbox models :510,512,515,520,520,525,527,530 

Lingong Gearbox models:1608,515,520,525,527,530,538

   CAS5-25 5-20 5-25Q7 5-20G 542 LG5-15 5-20g 5-20GH LG5-25K52 LG5-25K48 LG5-25HF 


JAC Gearbox models:5T15,MSN-5S,5T30,5T46,5T88,5T97 

WanHangZhou Gearbox models:WLY520,WLY525,WLY525H,WLY526,WLY528,WLY530,
     WLY530H,  WLY535,WLY535H,WLY538H,WLY540,WLY540F,WLY540H,WLY545/
     WLY520,    WLY521,WLY525,WLY530,WLY526,WLY541,WLY646,WLY651

Xihu (West Lake) Dis.feng Gearbox models:JS5-185,JA5-350,JS5-550,JS6-460,JS6-550,

     FAW Gearbox models :5-25:5-25K50,5-25C33,5-25K76,5-25K29,5-25-71,525Q7

         5-20:5-20 ,5-20G (G24/G18/G8 ),5-17,5-20E59 /5-12:T7,T10,T19,T26,T21,T32
Other Gearbox models:TC530-35A, TC540-50,TC646,TC653,TC675-85A,TC690,

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Type: Engine
Certification: ISO9001
Driving System Parts: Front Axle


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pto gearbox

Main Advantages of Using Miter Gearboxes for Space-Saving Design

Miter gearboxes offer several significant advantages when it comes to space-saving design:

Compact Configuration: Miter gearboxes are designed with bevel gears that transmit motion at a 90-degree angle within a single gearbox housing. This eliminates the need for additional components or complex transmission systems, resulting in a more compact overall design.

Efficient Use of Space: The 90-degree motion change provided by miter gearboxes allows for optimal space utilization in applications where a change in motion direction is required. This efficient use of space is particularly valuable in tight or constrained environments.

Integration into Small Spaces: Miter gearboxes are well-suited for integration into machinery, equipment, and systems with limited available space. Their compact design enables them to fit into confined areas without sacrificing performance.

Reduced Footprint: By eliminating the need for additional components or external motion-changing mechanisms, miter gearboxes help reduce the overall footprint of the system. This can be especially beneficial in applications where space is at a premium.

Enhanced Flexibility: The space-saving design of miter gearboxes allows engineers and designers to create more versatile and adaptable systems. Components can be arranged more efficiently, and the saved space can be allocated for other functional elements.

Modular Assembly: Miter gearboxes can be part of modular designs, where multiple components can be easily integrated and interconnected. This modular approach further contributes to space savings and allows for customization.

Cost Efficiency: The compact nature of miter gearboxes can lead to cost savings in terms of materials, manufacturing, and assembly. The simplified design also reduces the risk of potential failures or maintenance issues associated with more complex systems.

Overall, miter gearboxes offer a space-saving design that is valuable in a wide range of applications, from industrial machinery to robotics, where efficient use of available space is crucial.

pto gearbox

Common Industries Using Miter Gearboxes and Their Applications

Miter gearboxes find application in various industries due to their ability to change the direction of rotational motion by 90 degrees. Some of the common industries where miter gearboxes are commonly used include:

  • Automotive: Miter gearboxes are utilized in automotive applications for power transmission between different components, such as steering systems and drive shafts.
  • Printing: Printing machinery uses miter gearboxes to change the direction of motion in the paper feed mechanism, ensuring accurate paper alignment.
  • Material Handling and Conveyors: Miter gearboxes are used in conveyor systems to facilitate the transfer of materials at right angles.
  • Manufacturing: Various manufacturing processes require motion direction changes, such as in assembly lines and automated equipment.
  • Robotics: Miter gearboxes are employed in robotics for motion control, allowing robots to move efficiently and accurately in different directions.
  • Woodworking: Woodworking machinery uses miter gearboxes to change the direction of cutting tools, enhancing precision and efficiency.
  • Textile: Miter gearboxes are used in textile machinery to control the motion of fabrics and threads during manufacturing.
  • Machine Tools: Miter gearboxes play a role in machine tools where angular motion changes are needed.

The unique design of miter gearboxes makes them suitable for applications requiring precise 90-degree motion changes, enabling smoother and more efficient operation in these industries.

pto gearbox

Handling High-Speed and Heavy-Load Applications in Miter Gearboxes

Miter gearboxes are versatile mechanical components that can handle a wide range of applications, including both high-speed and heavy-load scenarios. The suitability of a miter gearbox for a specific application depends on various factors, including design, material, lubrication, and overall engineering considerations.

When it comes to high-speed applications, miter gearboxes can be designed and manufactured to handle rotational speeds that are typical in various industries. Properly designed miter gearboxes will consider factors such as gear tooth profile, lubrication, and material selection to minimize friction, heat generation, and wear, allowing for efficient and reliable operation at high speeds.

Similarly, miter gearboxes can also be engineered to handle heavy-load applications. By using durable materials, precision machining, and robust bearing arrangements, miter gearboxes can efficiently transmit high levels of torque while maintaining structural integrity. The bevel gear arrangement in miter gearboxes is well-suited for distributing heavy loads evenly across the gear teeth, ensuring smooth and consistent power transmission.

It’s important to note that the specific design and capabilities of a miter gearbox will vary depending on the manufacturer and the intended application. Engineers and designers work to optimize gear ratios, bearing arrangements, and housing materials to ensure that the miter gearbox can handle the demands of the given application, whether it involves high speeds, heavy loads, or a combination of both.

Ultimately, miter gearboxes can provide reliable performance across a wide spectrum of operating conditions, making them a versatile choice for various industries and applications.

China Good quality Auto Parts/Vehicle Spare Parts CZPT Gearbox Synchronizer Ring 3162 3169   car gearbox	China Good quality Auto Parts/Vehicle Spare Parts CZPT Gearbox Synchronizer Ring 3162 3169   car gearbox
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