Farm Tractor with Pto Drive Kill Seedling Machine Sweet Potato Seedling Cutting Machine Crusher

Farm Tractor with Pto CZPT Kill Seedling CZPT Sweet Potato Seedling Cutting CZPT Crusher

Farm Tractor With PTO CZPT Kill Seedling CZPT Sweet Potato  Seedling Slicing CZPT Crusher

The sweet potato (potato, yam) seedling killing machine can be utilized with eighteen-one hundred twenty horse-electricity 4-wheel tractor, with compact construction, very good mobility, realistic structure, stable perform, robust applicability, easy upkeep and other attributes.
Can be a one particular-time potato seedling cleaning function! 

Functioning principle: special blade, substantial velocity procedure, create damaging strain, suck up the seedling from ridge bottom, and crush it with substantial pace operation blade. 
Item Introduction:

Tractor traction potato seedlings killing equipment together the direction of potato ridge CZPT, the tractor will electricity by way of universal joint transmission shaft to the gearbox, via the transmission shaft on equally sides of the gearbox to the two sides of the pulley, by way of the belt to get rid of seedlings shaft, kill seedlings shaft push destroy seedlings knife slicing seedlings and weeds, diversion baffle seedlings and weeds to the two sides of the ridge.
Sweet potato seedling killing device, is a straw returning device on the foundation of the wheel to stroll, and slightly alter the arrangement of the blade, so that it is far more suited for potato seedlings just before harvesting perform!

Design LS-.nine LS-.nine LS-.nine LS-1.1 LS-one.three LS-1.5
Functioning width(mm) 900 900 900 1100 1100 1300 1500
Complete weight (kg) 210-550
Matched power(hp) eighteen-120
Operating rows(rows) 1-two
Drum Rotation Speed (r/min) 2000
Efficiency (mu/h) 7-eight


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Farm Tractor with Pto CZPT Kill Seedling CZPT Sweet Potato Seedling Cutting CZPT Crusher