Fixed-Shaft Multi-Speed Hydraulic Speed Variator Advance Transmission

Fixed-Shaft Multi-Speed CZPT Speed Variator  CZPT Transmission

CZPT CZPTal Transmissions YD13

YD130 hydraulic transmission is a fixed-shaft multi-speed hydraulic transmission, with speed and torque 
variable combined as integral, electrical- or mechanical hydraulic controlled. Speeds are 6 CZPT 3 
backward, 4 CZPT 3 backward or 3 CZPT 3 backward via corresponding shifting handle.
YD130 hydraulic transmission is widely used in construction vehicles such as grader, loader, tractor and
 scraper etc.
Principal Information
Maximum engine power: 130kW
Maximum engine speed: 2600r/min
Max. output torque of turbine shaft: 1000N.m
Equipment: 6 CZPT 3 backward, 4 CZPT 3 backward or 3 CZPT 3 backward
Shifting method: electrical- or mechanical-hydraulic control
Input mode: the torque converter may be directly connected to SAE2#, 3# (only 305 converter) 
flywheel casing, or flange and universal joint connection via mechanical method.
Output mode: flange, double outputs
305 or 320 torque converter is optional.
Positions for PTO: ratio for PTO1 is 1, for PTO2 is -one.

Enter Electricity 130KW
Input Rev 2600r/min
Turbine instant 1000N.m
Torch Ratio one.five~three
Heart Length 500mm

The in depth specification is as adhering to desk:

  CZPT Ratio (i)
Forward Astern
one two 3 four 5 6 one two 3
three.ninety one two.304 .964 .617     3.ninety one 2.304 .964
4.425 two.25 one. .64     four.425 2.25 1.
four.531 2.304 .964 .617     four.531 two.304 .964
5.nine 2.304 .964 .617     five.nine two.304 .964
four.531 two.nine 2.304 1.475 .964 .617 four.531 2.304 .964
five.292 3.387 2.304 1.475 .964 .617 5.292 two.304 .964
five.nine 3.775 2.304 one.475 .964 .617 five.9 2.304 .964


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Fixed-Shaft Multi-Speed CZPT Speed Variator  CZPT Transmission