Foton Auman Truck 9js150 Transmission Gear

CZPT Auman Truck 9js150 Transmission Gear

1&time period Original elements
two&period of time Excellent good quality
three&interval Swift quotation
4&interval Realistic price tag
5&time period Greatest service

CZPT truck&comma Light-weight truck&comma pickup&comma Suv&comma Sup
Auman platform&comma Aumuan Tractor&comma Auman Dump
Tunland&comma Sup c1&comma Sup c2&comma Sup c3

Turbocharger&comma air filter&comma oil filter&comma air filter&comma starter&comma water pump&comma piston&comma pin&comma generator&comma gasoline filter&comma ring&comma PTO

Truck portion&comma spare component&comma engine element&comma element&period
Gentle truck motor product&colon CUMMINS&comma PHASER
ISF2&period8S4107P&comma ISF2&period8S4148T&comma ISF3&period8S3141&comma ISF3&period8S4141&comma ISF3&period8S3154&comma ISF3&period8S4154&comma ISF3&period8S3168
BJ493ZQ3&comma BJ493Q&comma BJ493ZQ&comma BJ493ZLQ&comma
PHASER110TI&comma PHASER135TI&comma PHASER110TI-thirty&comma PHASER140TI-E30&comma PHASER135TI-S30
YZ485ZLQ&comma YZ4102ZLQ&comma YZ4105ZLQ&comma CA4DC2-12E3

Gentle truck transmission design&colon
JC5-twenty&comma MSB-5M&comma MSB-5S&comma JC5-21&comma JC5-26&comma 5T108&comma JC5-21&comma 5T108&comma 6T46&comma JC528&comma 5T108&comma 651
five-twenty&comma 5T30&comma 6T46&comma 6T120

All of them euqipped by CZPT light-weight truck&colon

BJ1031V3JD4&comma BJ1039V4JD3&comma BJ1039V3AD3&comma BJ1041V8AD6&comma BJ1049V9AD6&comma BJ1069VCJEA&comma BJ1081VDPED&comma BJ1101VEJED&comma BJ1121VHPFG&comma BJ5121VHCFG&comma BJ1089VEJED&comma BJ1039V4JB3&comma BJ1043V8JE6&comma BJ1043V8JE6&comma BJ1069VCJFA&comma
BJ1069VCPFA&comma BJ1069VCJEA&comma BJ1069VCPEA

CZPT truck engine product&colon WEICHAI&comma CUMMINS&comma YUCHAI&comma XICHAI&comma CHAOCHAI
WD615&period34 340HP
WD615&period44 320HP
WD615&period56 260HP
YC6M280-twenty 280HP
WD615&period50 290HP
WD615&period31 310HP
WD10&period336 336HP
YC6M320-twenty 320HP
WD615&period46 360HP
ISM380E twenty 380HP
ISM440E 20 440HP
ISMe385 30 385HP
ISM11E4 30 385HP
ISM11E4 420 420HP
WP12&period375N 375HP
WD12&period375 375HP
CZPT truck transmission design&colon CZPT&comma ZF
CA6T123-eighty five 6J80T 8JS105T 9JS119 12JS160T RT11509F 12JS180 F6J95TB LC6T160 8JS118TC 9JS150T-B RTD11509C 12JSD200TA 12JSD180T 12JSD220T 12JSD160TA

All of them euqipped by JAC CZPT duty truck&colon
BJ4259MFKB&comma BJ4189SLFKA&comma BJ4259SMFKB
BJ3251DLPJB&comma BJ3253DLPJB&comma BJ3313DMPKC&comma BJ3313DMPJF&comma BJ3253DLPJB&comma BJ3253DLPJE

CZPT Auman Truck 9js150 Transmission Gear