Heli 2t 2.5t 3t 3.5t Diesel Gasoline LPG Counterbalanced Forklift Trucks

Heli 2t 2.5t 3t 3.5t Diesel   Gasoline   LPG Counterbalanced Forklift Trucks

    CZPT 2t/two.5t/3t/three.5t Diesel / Gasoline / LPG Counterbalanced Forklift Trucks 

Merchandise Description
=======================================================================================      Features:

Functionality Improved

With HELI homemade flexible linked transmission box and V-tape supporting, the vibration of the truck is diminished sharply and transmit stably the gearbox could help strength for other equipment due to the fact of the double PTO the gearbox can be dismounted independently for servicing and repairing, so that the maintenance efficiency is improved

The lifting system is outfitted with governor valve. When the truck is working, governor valve is in a position to control the velocity of obtain effectively to boost the stability and safety

The steering is portable adaptable due to the fact of the hydraulic type dynamic steering framework

Making use of the sinking type mast to improve the balance, lower the drive of the tilting cylinder and failure rate of hydraulic system

The steering oil tube and wire harness are arranged independently, the arrangement is convenient for servicing and could increase the basic safety of electric program

Ratchet sort brake is reputable and relaxed, which could make the management of brake take care of force on different highway occur real

The truck is Geared up with the protection unit of neutral place which could increase the operation security. 

Substantial mounted LED lamps could function stably for a extended time period. The sign lamp has excellent visibility and is effortless to see by daylights

The truck is equipped with much better mast framework to increase the severity and the longevity

Implementing the oil cost sort lifting cylinder enhance the longevity

The truck with casted steering axle with large steering angle could reduce steering radius. The axle is the two h2o and dust evidence, dependable, and extends routine maintenance interval.

Aluminous plate-fin radiator, sizzling wind backflow preventing baffle, optimized counterweight cooling channel increase the truck`s cooling potential

The truck is designed with CZPTd theoretical and device, best down style, optimized arrangement, steering clear of sympathetic vibration. The full motor vehicle energy is enhanced clearly via improving the power of chassis, overhead guard, meter rack, mast  

Ergonomics Enhanced

The tilting cylinder is installed below the floor board, and much more relaxed tilting angle of front floor board led to forty five% enlarged space all around foot enhances operation comfort and reduces leg fatigue when running

New kind modifying mechanism of steering wheel could ensure the locking reliable 

Making use of multifunction suspension seat to boost the support for driver and reduce vibration, enhancing the cozy

Steering wheel with modest diameter, electro-hydraulic route modifying lever and auto kind double joystick merged switch properly increase driving convenience


As lifting and transporting machineries, G2 sequence two-three.5T Diesel / Gasoline / LPG  Counterbalanced Forklift Trucks are commonly used for loading, unloading and transporting the packaged goods in factories, warehouses, stations, wharves, ports and so on.  With other attachments of fork lift vehicles, they can be utilized for the managing of the bulk products and unpackaged goods.



CZPT Parameters

Design Device CPCD20/
Engine type   Diesel/Gasoline/LPG
Operation sort   Sit-on kind
Load capability kg 2000 2500 3000 3500
Load heart mm 500
Max.lifting height mm 3000
All round length (CZPT fork) mm 2530 2605 2730 2775
All round width mm 1150 1225
























Heli 2t 2.5t 3t 3.5t Diesel   Gasoline   LPG Counterbalanced Forklift Trucks