HOWO 6X4 Concrete Mixer Truck with Pump for Sale

HOWO 6X4 Concrete Mixer Truck with Pump for Sale

CZPT 6X4 concrete mixer truck with pump for sale

Concrete Combine Truck was utilized to transport construction concrete of special truck cylindrical mixing drum to carry the concrete mixed on vehicles. Throughout transportalways stored stirring drum rotation to make certain that concrete does not carry solidification. Following the supply of concluded concrete, normally rinsed with h2o insidethe mixing drum, to avert residual concrete hardening room, so the volume of the mixing tube is much less and much less.

Concrete mixer truck unit component by truck chassis method and the concrete mixing system . China’s generation of concrete mixer truck chassis to use far more car producers to give two sorts of GM chassis. Its special mechanism consists of electricity consider off, mixing drum frame, gearbox, hydraulic systems, the mixing tube, the manage mechanism, cleansing technique.

Working basic principle is that by PTO get out Truck chassis electricity, and drive hydraulic technique of the variable pump, the mechanical power into hydraulic vitality to quantitative motor, motor and push reducer, reducer travel mixing plant, for mixing concrete.


Dimension(L×W ×H)(unloaded)(mm) 9355×2496×3880
Chassis Brand CZPT Howo
(Steyr technologies, manufactured in China)
Model  WD615.47,h2o-cooled,4 strokes,six cylinders in line with h2o cooling,turbocharged and inter-cooling, directly injection 
  Fuel type    Diesel  
  Electrical power, max(kw/rpm)  
  Emission  EURO 2
Fuel tanker capacity(L) 350
Transmission  Product HW19710,twelve CZPT&two reverse
Brake technique Support brake Dual circuit compressed air brake 
  Parking brake spring energy, compressed air working on rear wheels 
Steering system  Product ZF8098 
Entrance axle Steering with double T-cross part beam
Rear axle  Pressed axle housing, central double reduction with differential locks among axles and wheels 
Tyre  twelve.00R20
CZPTal system  Battery  2X12V/180Ah
  Alternator 28V-1500kw
  CZPTter seven.5Kw/24V
Taxi CZPT76 CZPT cab, with air container, all-steel CZPT management,55ºhydraulically tiltable to the front,two- arm windscreen wiper technique with a few speeds, laminated windscreen with casted-in radio aerial, hydraulically damped adjustable driver’s seat and rigid adjustable co-driver’s seat, with heating and ventilating technique, outer sunlight visor, adjustable roof flap, with stereo radio/cassette recorder, security belts and adjustable steering wheel, air horn, with 4-position help totally floating suspension and shock absorbers   
Mixing Technique Mixing Quantity 10cbm
  H2o tank volume 400L
  Mixing Drum Physique steel plate thickness 6mm, Front finish thickness 8mm.
  Other individuals With China CZPT brand name CZPT Pump,Motor,Speed Reducer.

Major goods: 
1. Oil Tank Truck 
two. Refueling Truck 
3. Water Tank Truck/ Drinking water Sprinkler Truck
4. Sewage Suction Truck 
five. Sanitation Truck
six. Gas Tank Semi Trailer
seven. Oilfield Truck
eight. Chemical Liquid Tank Truck
9. Cement Powder Tank truck/ Bulk cement truck 
10. Flatbed Trailer
11. Container Semi Trailer
twelve. Self-loading Garbage Truck, Rubbish Compactor Truck, Sealed Rubbish Truck

China Tank Truck Maker.
MOQ: 1 unit
Payment CZPTs: T/T, L/C
Packing: nude cargo
Shipping Time: inside of thirty times soon after receipt of the 30% deposit. 

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HOWO 6X4 Concrete Mixer Truck with Pump for Sale