Pto Power Slasher Mower for Tractor, Lawn Mower

Pto Power Slasher Mower for Tractor, Lawn Mower



one-rear mounted grass slasher matched with 20-90HP tractor
two-working width 900-2200mm
3-sigle blade shaft and double blades shaft
four- with steering wheel

Tractor rear pto rotary slasher

Short Descriptions

one&rparPerfect painting and ending in details&time period

two&rparQuality PTO shaft is common accessories&period

3&rparThe topper mower CZPT rear wheel are CZPT

four&rparWorking width is from 1&period1m to 1&period8m

5&rparAny notion on style is appropriate if the purchase is in quantity&period of time


CZPT&colon 3mm leading deck plate&comma downfolds front and rear&comma steel understructure

CZPT&colon 540RPM&comma one&colon one&period93ratio&interval

P&time period T&time period O&interval Sharft Ranking&colon Collection four&interval

CZPTstock&colon Collapsible floating hitch&time period

Clutch&colon Adjustable friction clutch with 2x150mm clutch plates

Skids&colon Adjustable from 50mm-90mm chopping top&lpar3’6″-4’6″ design&rpar&comma fifty-150mm chopping height for 5′ model&time period

                                                                                                                                                  Topper  Mower  (Slasher)  Specifications
Product SL90 SL100 SL110 SL120 SL140 SL160 SL180
DIMENSIONS  (L× W× H) 1000× 900× 900 1050× 1000× 900 1100× 1100× 900 1300× 1200× 900 1400× 1400× 900 1600× 1600× 900 1900× 1800× 900
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm
STRUCTURE  Weight 150kg 160kg 165kg 175kg 190kg 230kg 260kg
CUTTING  WIDTH 900mm 1000mm 1100mm 1200mm 1400mm 1600mm 1800mm
CUTTING  Top 1.5-four.5″ 1.5-four.5″ 1.five-4.five” one.five-4.five” one.5-four.five” 1.five-four.five” one.5-four.5″
PTO  Pace 540rpm 540rpm 540rpm 540rpm 540rpm 540rpm 540rpm
PTO  SHAFT 6× 6× 900mm 6× 6× 900mm 6× 6× 900mm 6× 6× 900mm 6× 6× 1100mm 6× 6× 1300mm 6× 6× 1300mm
POWER  Necessary 18-25hp eighteen-35hp 18-35hp eighteen-35hp twenty five-40hp 30-65hp 35-65hp


Pto Power Slasher Mower for Tractor, Lawn Mower