Sawdust Pellet Machine with Diesel Engine and Electric Start

Sawdust Pellet CZPT with Diesel Engine and CZPT CZPTt

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Flat Die Pellet CZPTs

Our flat die pellet devices can be devided into two collection, KL collection and MKL sequence pellet devices. Our KL collection pellet machines can equally make feed pellets and wood pellets, but the capacity of wood pellets is lower than that of generating feed pellets. Our MKL series pellet equipment has the special design for producing wooden sawdust pellets.

Our pellet equipment can be driven by electrical motor, diesel engine, gasoline motor and tractor for your alternatives.

The pellet push is mounted with an motor with a power of RP-driven all kinds of diverse energy. By way of a drive shaft and the die roller wheels are caused to rotate. The beginning materials for the production of pellets, for instance, sawdust is pressed by the wheels roller in the matrix. Because of to the force and friction in the die, the beginning materials is heated to a temperature of sixty-80 °C. As a result of stress and temperature enhance, the materials connects to compressed pellets and will have a high toughness soon after cooling. Dependent on the materials to be pressed, extra binder needs to be extra. The diameter of the pellets is established by the hole diameter of the die. Matrices can be purchased with the adhering to hole diameters: 2.5mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm.



Diesel engine pellet device–KL230A can include electric powered start off


  one. This machine is flat die pellet device pushed by 22 hp diesel engine
two. It can not only press feed pellets, but also push wooden sawdust pellets.
three. The dimensions of the final pellets: 2.5-ten mm, if you make animal feed pellets, two.5-4 mm is greater. If you make the wooden pellets, 6 and 8 mm is better.
4. Dampness content material of the uncooked components: 10%-20%.
five. Feed Potential: ninety-120kg/h
     Saw Dust Capacity: fifty-90kg/h
one. CZPTn by a diesel motor creating pellets generation possible particularly in the rural region with scarcity offer of electricity. 
2. Low Value: The reduced price of diesel gas outcomes in minimal value vitality manufacturing. Cheap power will also consequence in decreased generation expenses and assist you preserve a lot of funds in buying raw content.
3. Diesel easy to get: Amongst all the fossil fuels, diesel is the most very easily CZPT 1 close to the globe. You can discover it almost all over the place.
four. Expense-successful price and can satisfy your requirement in pellet production.
five. Pellets size can be from 2.5-10mm on your need. When generating distinct measurement, you just require to modify the die mould.  
Understanding your machine  


KL120A KL150A KL200A KL230A KL260A KL300A KL360A KL400A


one. This series equipment can be driven by electric powered, diesel motor or tractor(PTO)
2. We undertake the new design of direct link of motor shaft and he main shaft that
defeat the unfastened defect of belt connecting as prolonged time making use of
3. Higher precision gearbox and higher output
4. It is broadly used in massive,center, small scale aquatic. foodstuff and feed processing manufacturing facility,
livestock farm, poultry farm, person raisers, center and modest farm
5. CZPT CZPT steam fittings and imported pressure reduction valve
six. Flat die is produced with intercontinental CZPTd tools for extended lifespan
seven. CZPT with heavy obligation gearbox, which can make constantly in most adverse issue.

 Other Diesel engine pellet device–

KL-A Sequence Pellet Mill


Model No. Diesel Engine Feed output (kg/h)  Wood output (kg/h) N/G excess weight(kg) Pellet diameter Packing Size(cm)
KL120A 8HP Diesel Motor 60-a hundred forty-sixty 120/a hundred and forty two.five-10mm 87*44*73
KL150A 8HP Diesel Motor 90-one hundred twenty fifty-ninety one hundred twenty/140 2.5-10mm 76*43*seventy one
KL200A 15HP diesel motor 200-three hundred a hundred and ten-140 280/310 2.five-10mm 118*fifty six*95
KL230A 22HP diesel engine 300-four hundred one hundred fifty-a hundred ninety 280/310 two.5-10mm 118*fifty six*ninety five
KL260A 35HP diesel engine four hundred-600 220-280 450/480 two.5-10mm 184*70*116
KL300A 55HP diesel engine 600-800 280-320 520/560 2.five-10mm 220*sixty*123
KL360A 55HP diesel motor 700-900 three hundred-380 600/620 two.five-10mm 227*62*126
KL400A 55HP diesel engine 900-1100 400-550 750/780 2.five-10mm 227*sixty two*126

CZPT areas–What is the terms of guarantee and spare areas?

Our pellet mills are assured with 1 year quality assurance from the day of goods shipment. 
When we are conversing about spare parts for a pellet mill, by and huge, we are speaking about die, roller and bearing. Practically, that how often you will require to renew spare parts is relying on what raw substance you are making pellets from. Evidently, compared with creating straw pellets, pellet mill that are making wood pellets demands a higher frequency for modifying spare components. We provide consumers with higher quality pellet mill dies, rollers, bearings and other areas. Consumers are CZPT to buy at at any time. If you need to have spare elements, remember to contact me or check concept.

What can I do when my Pellet mill can not make pellets?

A: New flat die pellet mill in 1st use may possibly not make pellets, because of the reduced smoothness of mould and undesirable cooperation in new devices. After utilizing oily material for a period, the pellet equipment can run easily.
B: The clearance among rollers and dies is as well huge. You can tighten the screw to slender the hole to one.five-two.five mm.
C: Essential measures to update a new die or roller shell due to the fact of put on and tear induced by prolonged-term services.
D: The materials is way too wet or as well dry, ensuing in low efficiency. You’d much better increase or reduce the moisture to appropriate charge, normally fourteen%-16% in uncooked substance.

 Sorts of pellets as gas or as animal feed         

Homemade Pellets Employed as Stove Fuel 
House pellet stove is broadly used in CZPTpe and a lot of other spots in the entire world. It is an setting-welcoming technique to maintain warm and cook. Pellet stove uses significantly less all-natural sources as its gas is created from waste or recycled resources. The gas it utilised can be made at property. Listed here are a few guidelines for you to spend considerably less funds making the stove fuel if you pick a pellet stove for heating. 
You have to put together uncooked components along with a flat die pellet mill which is utilised to press the components into the necessary fuel for property. There are a wide selection of raw materials that you can use to make the gasoline, such as fruit pits, various sorts of grass, corn cobs, barley star, shelled corn, wheat, paper, etc. Your choice of supplies decides the heating or cooking impact, as a result you require to search up the sort of stove to properly match the pellet gasoline.

Our manufacturing unit and certification 

As 7/24 e-mail and cellphone get in touch with support is CZPT, I am completely ready to solution your any distinct queries relating to to our equipment and pellet mill in specific. In addition, we prepare the educating videos in terms of installation, lubrication, demo managing, components replacements and so forth. 

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Sawdust Pellet CZPT with Diesel Engine and CZPT CZPTt