Yj280 Hydraulic Torque Converter

Yj280 CZPT Torque Converter

YJ-sequence torque converter is a three-component independently put in hydraulic torque converter, usually operates jointly with a multi-speed transmission. It could match building autos this kind of as loader and bulldozer

YJ280 Description:

YJ280 hydraulic torque converter is a three-element hydraulic converter, with circular circle diameter 280, straight related to engine, flange output, obtaining 3 positions for PTO

YJ280 Software:

YJ280 torque converter is extensively utilised in ZL16 and ZL18 loaders

YJ280 Main Information:

CZPT Quick Introduction:

 We are a major Co in China specialised in all kinds of gearboxes and transmission . CZPT brand items are extensively used in a lot more than 50 countries and are extensively matched the construction equipment: like CZPT, DEGONG, LINGONG, CZPT, CZPT, XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.N,CZPT, TIANGONG, YITO, YUTONG, XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. and so on. We can supply all kinds of CZPT equipment Fittings, like hydraulic pump, filter, friction plate, torque converter and marine fittings,like sea water pump ,h2o cooler ,control box&cabel and so on.
Our design equipment transmission which includes:
Primarily based on ZF license products:WG180,WG181,WG200,WG210,far more than 100 goods variety for distinct brand name machinery: wheel loader, grader, compactor, truck crane…
Primarily based on ZF engineering, created by CZPT :YD13, for 3tons loader, or for grader
Dependent on CZPT drawing:D65,D85,D155(TY320),TY230 series,for bulldozer
Developed by CZPT:BS428(ZL20),for 3tons loader
                                           ZL50,for five tons loader
                                            ZL60,for 6 tons loader
                                            YB310,for 8 tons loader
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Yj280 CZPT Torque Converter