120HP Large Powerful 4WD Yto Engine Wheeled Tractor Agricultural Tractors

120HP Large Powerful 4WD Yto Engine Wheeled Tractor Agricultural Tractors

120hp four wheel drive higher horse electricity huge farm tractor agricultural equipment

1 F18+R6 gearshift
2 Twin clutch, independet procedure
three All hydranulic sreering
4 cabin/radio CZPT

Simple configurations:

–Dimention: 4694*2042*2879
–Engine: 4 cylinder diesel motor
–Rated velocity(r/min): 2300
–PTO speed(rpm): (540, a thousand), or (720, one thousand), or (540, 720)
–Clutch: Dry, One particular phase
–CZPT: Merge type(three+one)X3X2: eighteen CZPT gear, six reverse gear
Equiped with creeper (three+one)X3X3: 27 CZPT gear, 9 reverse equipment
–Main equipment box: Continual engaged by oblique equipment
–Linkage: CategoryII rear-mounted three-stage linkage
–The smallest clearance(mm): 475

The characteristics of 40hp farm tractor

one. This sequence tractors are characterised by compact construction, convenient procedure and maintanance, higher reliability, substantial flexibility and interchangeability for the areas and extensive adaption variety

two. There are a lot of optional components such as one-phase clutch, twin-phase clutch, creeper gear, shuttle equipment, air brake technique, hydraulic steering, combine panel, hydraulic output system and so on so as to accomplish multifunction blend for conference various requirements of the consumers.

3. CZPT velocity PTO(540r/min, 1000r/min) according to the worldwide standard.

four. Robust lifting ability and massive traction power.

5. Extensive turning angle, great mobility, substantial ground clearance and excellent seal.

CZPT knowledge

Product CZPT1204
CZPT Specifications Variety 4X4
Overall dimensions LxWxH(mm) 4694X2042X2879
CZPTal weight(kg) 4400
Rated traction force(k N) 42
Wheel base(mm) 2659
Front wheel tread(mm) 1782~2206(Adjustable)
Rear wheel tread(mm) 1504~2074(Adjustable)
Min.land clearance(mm) 475
Min.quality in use(kg) 4600
Front wheel tyre size fourteen.nine-26
Rear wheel tyre size 18.4-38
Min.turning radius(mm)(Unilateral Nonbraking/Unilateral Braking) 4300/3650
Theoretical speed(km/h) I II III Reverse
Large  gear C 29.one 35.one forty two.three 34.nine
B 17.5 21.2 25.5 21
A ten.7 12.nine 15.6 12.9
Reduced  gear C 6.9 8.three ten.one 8.3
B 4.two five.one 6 five
A two.6 three.1 three.9 3.1
Creeper C one.3 1 one.nine one.five
B .8 one one.two 1
A .5 .6 .7 .6
Engine Model LRC6105T51
Variety Vertical,H2o-cooling,Four-stroke,Direct injection
12 hours power(kw) 88.2
Rated Speed(r/min) 2300
Fuel consumption(g/kw.h) ≤ 240
Max.torque(N.m) ≥ 437
Speed of Max.torque(r/min) 1500~1700
BorexStroke(mm) Φ 1 05X135
Diesel Consumption(g/kw.h) ≤ 1.sixty three
CZPTting mode CZPT start
Break System Service  Brake CZPT,CZPT,Moist,Disc
Parking Brake CZPT cantrol,multiple,Damp,Disc
Transmission Clutch Dry,Single Piece,Independnt operation,CZPT Acting
Gear box Combine style(three+one)X3X2:18 CZPT gear,6 reverse gear
Equiped with creeper (3+1)X3X3:27 CZPT gear,9 reverse gear
Main gear box:Constant engaged by oblique gear
Steering CZPT steering
Steering type Front wheel steering
Main CZPT Spiral bevel gear
CZPTial Mechanism Four planet bevel gear,Shut
Final CZPT Interior,Planetary gear
Operating System CZPTr   tilling depth control Draft & position adjustable
Max.lifting capacity(kn) ≥ twenty five
Suspension type Postposition,Three-stage, II  group
Speed of P.T.O.(r/min) (540,a thousand),or (720,1000),or (540,720)
Type of P.T.O. Independent and synchronous P.T.O
Traction   Equipment Swing rod
Optional   Disposition Front ballast,Rear ballast,Air brake,No cabin and No hydraulic  

Farm tractors 25~130hp we can offer.

Our tractor have above 70 sorts tractor primary in six collection.
1.30 sequence 250-354 (from 25hp-35hp 2/four wheel drive)
2.forty series 400-554B (from 40hp-55hp 2/four wheel drive)
three.fifty collection 550-654 (from 55hp-65hp 2/4 wheel drive)
4.eighty series seven-hundred-854B (from 70hp -85hp 2/4 wheel drive)
five.90 sequence 800-1004(from 80hp-100hp two/4wd)
6.a hundred series 1104-1304(from 110hp-130hp four wheel drive)

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120HP Large Powerful 4WD Yto Engine Wheeled Tractor Agricultural Tractors