China Lt404e 40 HP 4WD Farm Lawn Tractor for Agriculture

China Lt404e 40 HP 4WD Farm Lawn Tractor for CZPT

China LT404E forty HP 4 wheel drive Farm Lawn Tractor for CZPT

The LT404 wheeled tractors. The main characteristic has: Adopt new variety diesel engine, dependability effectively, has greater moment of torsion reserve system 10 inches of pair of consequences clutch The transmission box archives is 4 X (2 + one) Detached driving force of postposition exports a system, drive balances, bears the weight of a huge pressure
1. Adopt ZHangCZPTg Xinchai diesel engines. Much better trustworthiness, far more again coefficient for torsion.
2.10 inch clutch with double steps.
three. Equipment-box demonstrates 8+eight shuttle gearshift, namely eight CZPTs, eight returns, exchange in joggle
4. Driving pressure output unit with postposition, peaceful and secure transmission, more powerful bear the bodyweight of loading.
five. Adopt entrance-wheel turning with complete liquid-pressure and independent oil way, change agilely, reliably, electricity-conserving
6. Adopt tray-design arrester, much better brake moment, reputable brake
7. Undertake semi-separation lifter, plough depth management way is power adjusting, place adjusting, power and area each changing.
eight. The ultimate driving is planet-gear fashion, smaller quantity, bigger decelerating ratio
9. Set up adjustable chair with elasticity and shock absorption, comfortable driving.
10. The total tractor is stunning, flavor, modern day, trend.
eleven. Total CZPT steering, easy to run.
twelve.6 spline 540/1000 or 8 spline 540/760 rpm PTO, and Optional configurations: Paddy tyre, CZPT output valve, Air brake, ROPS, Sunshade, Admirer/Heater/Air-situation cabin which can fulfill different customer’s particular need.


Tractor model LT404
Sample 4×4 (four-wheel drive)
Outlook dimension mm Long (in entrance of belt counterweight) 3513
Width 1750
Substantial (to air vent) 2130
Distribute of axies (mm) 1924
Front wheel tread (mm) 1250
Rear wheel tread (mm) 1200-1500 (commonly utilized 1300)
Smallest gully (mm) 325
Agronomy gully (mm) 375
Modifications radius (mm) Unilateral brake 3.four
Unilateral does not apply the brake four.1
Full device high quality (kg)

Disposition quality (kg)

Structure good quality 1890
Smallest use high quality 2080
Very first disposes a hundred and forty four
Latter disposes 360
Fastened drive of traction (KN) 12
Engine product 490BT
Demarcation energy (KW) 29.4
Coupling ten inch dry list perform or double-acting
Gear box 4× (2 1) keeps off the composition sort meshing wrap to shift equipment
Velocity assortment 2.4-31.9
Central rotation CZPT round bevel equipment pair
CZPTial system Two planetary gears, shut variety
CZPTial lock Plug variety
Closing transmission World gear kind
1st driving axle The entire seal bevel gear sort (4-wheel generate sort employs)
Transfer case The straight tooth cylindrical gears (four-wheel travel type employs)
Front wheel tire specification 6.-16   eight.3-twenty
Trailing wheel tire specification twelve.four-28
Diverter sample CZPT or the complete hydraulic stress adjustments
Brake labor Biplate oil bathtub plate brake (mechanical kind)
CZPT sample The fifty percent minute sets at the sort
Ploughs the deep management manner CZPT, position control and fluctuation control
Suspension unit sample Postpositioned a few level suspension
CZPT output speed of spindle (r/min) 540/one thousand


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China Lt404e 40 HP 4WD Farm Lawn Tractor for CZPT