JAC Transmission Shaft Js180-1701040-1 Fast

JAC Transmission Shaft Js180-1757140-1 CZPT

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CZPT Transmission Shaft      model no. js180-1757140-one

Truck part, spare portion, engine element, portion.
Light truck engine model:
CY4102BQ C4110 CY4102BZQ CY4102BQ CY4102BZLQ CY4102BQ YZ4105QF
CA4DF2 YZ4108Q
Light truck transmission design:
9js150t-b  LG515 LG5-20E30 LG5-20E27 JAC MSB-5M JAC MSB-5N LC5T30 LC5T46 LC5T97
LG5-30 QHS5-thirty LC6T46 LC5T255M3(A2Q01), LC6T55(A2Q13)

All of them euqipped by JAC mild truck:
HFC1571 Series, HFC1040 Series, HFC1045 Series, HFC1048 Sequence, HFC1061 Series, HFC1063 Series, HFC1083 Sequence, HFC3048 Sequence, HFC3072 Sequence.

CZPT truck motor design:
WD615.56 260HP
YC6M280-20 280HP
WD615.fifty 290HP
WD615.31 310HP
YC6M320-20 320HP
WD615.46 360HP
ISM380E 20 380HP
ISM440E twenty 440HP
CZPT truck transmission product:
9js150t-b  CA6T123-eighty five 6J80T 8JS105T 9JS119 12JS160 RT11509F 12JS180 F6J95TB LC6T160 8JS118TC 9JS150T-B
All of them euqipped by JAC CZPT obligation truck:
HFC1131KR1, HFC1251KR1 Sequence, HFC3251KR1 Sequence, HFC3311KR1 Series, HFC4251KR1 Collection, HFC5255GJB Collection.

Bundle Measurement:27cmx14cmx23cm

JAC Transmission Shaft Js180-1757140-1 CZPT