Kingling Isuzu Fvr Fire Truck

Kingling Isuzu Fvr Fire Truck


1. Product: SGX5162GXFPM55/QL fireplace-extinguishing foam truck.
two. Application: applicable to the armed law enforcement and oil area, petrochemical enterprises, port terminals, airports and other specialist fireplace brigade, utilised in huge locations of oil fires and basic strong fires
3. Crucial parameter:
GVW(kg): 15585
Suppress fat(kg): 9635
Dimension(mm) ≤8015×2480×3470 (L*W*H)
Emission: CZPT IV
Loading of fireplace extinguishing agent(kg): 5500
Fire pump product: CB20/twenty
Fire safety cannon design: PL24~48 adjustable drinking water / foam twin goal
Max speed(km/h): one hundred
Min turning circle(m): ≤15
Gradeability(%) ≥30
Max axle loading(kg):Entrance/Rear 5595/9990
Wheelbase(mm): 4500
Method angle / Departure angle(°): 26/thirteen
four. Chassis
CZPT: 4×2
Taxi: Still left hand drive, four doorway, double row, 6 seats Motor
Model: 6HK1-TCNG40
Energy(kW/rpm): 177/2400
Torque(N.m /rpm): 706/1450
Displacement(ml): 7797
four.2. CZPT appliance
Circuit sort: Solitary wire, adverse grounded
Alternator(V/W): 24×960
Battery(V/Ah): 2×12 /a hundred and fifteen
4.3. Others
Steering: Recalculating ball kind, electrical power steering
Brake: CZPT loop pneumatic brake
Tire: ten.00-20
five.  Taxi
Variety:4 doorway, double row, 6 seats, double hydraulic cylinder tilting device
Air situation,excellent stereo program
Instrument panel with fireplace purpose switch
100W alarm manage system is mounted on the entrance panel.
Fireplace security communication, car mounted radio electrical power interface
The rear seat is geared up with four air CZPT, basic safety belt
Reversing monitoring method of seven inch Lcd monitor.
6.  PTO
Type:Sandwich kind
Max torque(N.m): 590
Operation type: CZPT manage
Cooling mode: Forced drinking water cooling method
seven.  Hearth pump and pipe program
seven.1. Pump
Design: CB20/20
Set up method: Rear-mounted
Substance: Pump shaft, stainless steel
Shell,impeller :Higher energy aluminum alloy
Seal sort: CZPT seal
Important efficiency:
doing work condition   Stress(MPa)     Circulation(L/s)
Reduced pressure        1.0                 40
Center pressure      two.0                 20
seven.2. H2o diversion gadget ( computerized disconnection): :
Sort: Drinking water ring water diversion device
Suction depth(m): seven
Diversion time (s): ≤35
seven.three. Foam proportional mixer:: :
Design: PH32
Mixing charge(%): 6
Flow price(L/s): 8,16,24,32
seven.4. H2o pumps character:
Application of international CZPT Gothic tile pump technological innovation, compact construction, reputable performance
The automated water diversion system is adopted to escape from the system, which simplifies the procedure steps and shortens the time of water diversion.
Complete import maintenance cost-free mechanical sealing gadget, improve the reliability of the seal
The throttle is adjusted appropriately to realize the stepless regulation of the reduced stress to the medium stress, and the injection need is arrived at.

7.five. Piping technique:
Material:Pipe using aluminum alloy castings and seamless metal tubes, and so on.
Buckle sort:cassette buckle
Pump drinking water absorption:DN125 backward water inlet form with a pipe interface, filter and protect
H2o tank to pump pipeline: DN125 h2o suction pipe,Pneumatic butterfly valve manage by DN125
H2o outlet:The remaining and correct sides of pump configurates DN80 and DN65 outlet each a single, with the interface card and the cover
Water tank:DN65 ball valve management tank water injection pipeline
Exterior foam:DN40 ball valve and KY40 copper tube tooth interface and cap outfitted with 2m suction hose
Gun injection line:DN100 Handbook ball valve control
Discharge residual water pipeline:Hand control of the drain valve is set in the least expensive level of pump and pipeline to drain the h2o
8.  Fireplace gun
Design: PL24-forty eight
Rated stream (L/s): 32(adjustable)
Functioning stress(MPa): 1.
Foam operating variety (m): 45
Drinking water operating range (m): 50
Horizontal rotation angle (°) 360
Angle of check out (°) -28~62
nine.  Drinking water tank
Kind:The total type, located in the middle of the body, the complete load of 5500kg,
Material:substantial top quality metal plate, coated with anti-corrosion coating 4mm thickness of bottom plate & two sides plate, 3mm thickness of partition plate, 3mm thickness of prime plate with non slip massive pattern steel plate
Products:The h2o tank and the foam tank is outfitted with diameter of 450mm manhole protect employed for rapidly locking and opening and unloading, drinking water amount indicator, tank overflow valve, sewage outfall controlled by valve is also outfitted.

ten. Upload electrical technique
LED mounted on the entrance part of the taxi top red extended row of alarm lights
The back again of the roof mounted with a alarm light and exterior floodlight
Front-up spot on each sides of the truck mounted with LED alarm light
LED floodlight mounted inside products box
Mounting facet marker lamp, front and rear outline lamp, tail indication board and light-weight reflecting mark
Liquid degree indicator, hearth pump tachometer, vacuum gauge, pressure gauge, cumulative timer, electrical management switch mounted on pump dashboard.

eleven. Gear table

No. Identify Spec Unit CZPTtity
1 Suction pipe 5″L=4m device two
two Hearth hose twenty-80-20(casette) unit 6
three Fire hose 20-sixty five-twenty(casette) unit ten
four Water filter FLF125(5″) device one
five Drinking water suction pipe wrench 5″ device two
six Ground fireplace hydrant wrench FB400 device 1
seven Underground fire hydrant wrench FBA1000 device 1
8 Medium stress separator FFS80(KYKA80×KYK65×3) unit two
nine Water collector FJ125(5″×KYKA65×2) device 1
ten Formed interface KA125/100 unit one
eleven CZPT route interface KJK65A/80Z unit one
12 CZPT path interface KJK65/80AZ device 1
13 Formed interface KY65/KYK65AZ uni 1
fourteen Formed interface KY80/KYK80AZ unit one
15 Hose bandage FP470 unit 8
sixteen Hose hook FG600 device 8
seventeen DC switch gun QZG3.5/seven.five(KYKA65) unit two
eighteen DC spray gun QLD6.00/5. device two
19 Dry powder fireplace extinguisher 4kg,ABC device 2
20 Attic ladder TDZ3 device one
21 two-segment extension ladder TEZ6 unit 1
22 Pointed rod hook GG378 unit one
23 CZPT iron collar GT1 device one
24 Fireplace shovel 2# unit 1
twenty five Fire axe GFJ817 unit 1
26 Canvas bucket 20L device 1
27 Air foam gun PQ4(KYKA65) device two
28 Air foam gun PQ8(KYKA65) unit 2
29 Wrench   unit 2
30 Pipette   device 1
31 Belt guard Bridge     2
32 Moveable lighting lamp   two two
33 Rubber hammer   1 one


Kingling Isuzu Fvr Fire Truck