New Design 60HP 4X4 4WD Diesel Agriculture Tractor

New Design 60HP 4X4 4WD Diesel CZPT Tractor

New Design and style 60HP 4X4 4wd Diesel CZPT Tractor


1. The tractor has a desirable power economic efficiency.
two. It has multiple gears and a wide speed range. Besides, it is flexible in steering and easy to operate.
3. Dual stage clutch, hydraulic steering, combined meter, combined lamps, front & rear ballast, multi-way valve
four. Beautiful stream line hood, shuttle shift, spring seat, ROPS, canopy, cabin with fan/heater/air conditioner
5.Front end loader, backhoe ,hydraulic disc harrow ,disc plough ,mower ,wood chipper, round hay baler, trailer and other implements are CZPT


CZPT Data Sheet for 604farm tractor    Other model
Tractor Model 604 Front CZPT Axle Shaft Mid- M ounted  D rive  S haft  Model 800 804 850 854 900 904 950 954 one thousand 1004
Tractor Type 4X four Front Main CZPT C losed  S piral  B evel  G ear  T ype Rated Power fifty eight.8 sixty two.5 sixty six.2 69.8 73.5
Dimension(mm) LXWXH 3980 X 1635 X2150 Front CZPTial Closed,  T wo planetary  B evel  G ear CZPT Type  4×2 4×4  4×2 4×4  4×2 4×4  4×2 4×4  4×2 4×4
Wheelbase(mm) 2040 Front Final CZPT Spiral  B evel  G ear  T ype CZPT                    
Clearance(mm) 325 Steering System Type CZPT Front Wheel Steering Overall Dimension(mm) Length(with front ballast) 4280 4280 4280 4280 4280 4280 4280 4280 4280 4280
Tread(mm) Front Wheel 1400 Brake Wet CZPT Plate Disc Brake Width 2085 2085 2085 2085 2085 2085 2085 2085 2085 2085
Rear  Wheel 1 three hundred – 1600 (Rated 1 three hundred ) Tyre Type Front Tyre eight.three-20      (8.three-20  Paddy Field ) Top(to the exhaust vent) 2820 2815 2820 2815 2820 2815 2925 2925 2925 2925
Structural   With Cab 2370   Rear Tyre 1 2.four – 28     (11-28  Paddy Field ) Wheelbase(mm) 2195
Mass(kg) PTO Type/  Independent Type / Front tread(mm) 1520-1820 ( 2wd ) /1610(4 wheel drive)
  Without Cab 2190     Rear tread(mm) 1620-2571
Power Engine Type / Vertical, Water Cool, Four-stroke, Direct Injection / Speed (r/min)   540/760   Min.ground clearance(mm) 450 ( 2wd ) /370(4 wheel drive)
Rated Speed ( r/min ) 2300 PTO Power (KW) 37.five Structure weight(kg) 2420 ( 2wd ) /3750(4 wheel drive)
Rated Power (kw) 44 PTO  Spline Size φ 35 6 Teeth Rectangle Spline Shaft Kind Front tyre 6.5-twenty eleven.two-24 six.5-twenty 11.two-24 six.five-twenty 11.two-24 6.5-20 11.2-24 six.five-20 eleven.2-24
Clutch Dry-type/Single-Plate/CZPT-Performing Suspension Mechanism Type Rear Three-Point Suspension Rear tyre sixteen.9-34
Gear Box F12+R12  (Shuttle Gear) CZPT Lifting System Separated Type Rated traction force(kn) ≥14.two ≥15 ≥15.9 ≥16.8 ≥17.6
Rear Axle Main CZPT Spiral Curved Tooth Bevel Gear Lift-off Weight (KN)(At 610MM) ≥ ten. Steering type All hydraulic steering
CZPTial Closed 4-Planetary Gears T owing Equipment Fixed Drawbar (Optional Swing Drawbar) CZPTr type  Partial separated
CZPTial Lock CZPT Sliding Sleeve Rated Towing Force (KN) ≥ 12.5 Speed of  PTO(r/min) 540/1000 or 760/1000
Final CZPT Planetary Gear Type   Spline shaft size(mm)  35×6

Basic Configurations
CZPT: F12+R12
4Wheel generate
CZPT energy steering
CZPTial lock
Twin velocity PTO
Dual phase clutch
Partial separated hydraulic hitch
Draft positional adjustable controll
Group two rear-mounted a few-position linkage

Optional products
Fan taxi
Luxury cab
Roll bar
Paddy tire
Dual mutli-way valve
Swing drawbar

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New Design 60HP 4X4 4WD Diesel CZPT Tractor