Sinotruck HOWO 6X6 Water Bowser off Road 20t

Sinotruck HOWO 6X6 Water Bowser off Road 20t

Bowser Tanker employed for fueling aircraft and other autos or for giving h2o.

 water/   oil tanker truck  CZPTization, Expense and Manage Created How You Want it, at a Price You Can Manage. for sale  86~13 571 88828 138581177782 -7135-7675            

drinking water tankers are CZPT in metal, stainless steel, or aluminum, and can be made to haul drinking water and non drinking drinking water every single with their very own particular and distinct varieties of pumping systems.

Characteristics and Requirements

CZPT 15000Liters -20T 6X6 Off Road water truck howo Drinking water Bowser drinking water tanker transport truck for sale 


1.Tanker volume sequence
3000L, 4000L, 6000L, 8000L, 10000L, 12000L,
15000L,16000L,18000L, 20000L, 22000L, 24000L,
26000L, 28000L,30000L, 32000L, 35000L, 38000L,
40000L, 42000L, 45000L, 50000L, 55000L, 60000L,etc.
two.Tanker substance
carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, pure aluminum
lined rubber, rotational molding, plastic, FRP, and many others..

3.CZPT system of h2o tank truck
four*two, 4*four, 6*two, six*4, 6*six, 8*four, eight*eight,etc(2axles 3axles 4axles)

Manufacturer: Sinotruch CZPT, JAC, CZPT, XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.FENG, JMC,  SHACMAN, CZPTBENZ, FAW,  all sorts of China model trucks


four. h2o tank truck  images for refe, 

Make sure you get in touch with with us if you require much more information of the truck:

• Obtainable in steel, stainless steel and aluminum
• Offset baffle opening to avoid sloshing
• Tanks designed to have potable and non-potable h2o

• Chassis body mounted rear system location



This CZPT 10cbm h2o tank truck is exported to Zanzibar in Africa. It primarily use for transporting clean h2o, drink h2o or other liquid. Make sure you kindly mentioned that it really is not the drinking water sprinkler truck. It only transportation h2o, which is popular in Africa.




Main rewards of water transport tank truck, drinking water sprinkler truck :


CZPT CZPT Military Gasoline Tanker Truck sixteen-25CBM 6X6  336HP / 380HP  for Military
Chassis Model ZZ2257N4657D1
CZPT Type 6×6
Motor WD615.sixty nine, 336HP  380HP
Cabin HW76 lengthened cab(with one sleeper, air-conditioner and two new-style seat)
Transmission HW19710(10 CZPTs & 2 reverses)
Front Axle HF9(1X9 Tons)
Driving Axle HC16(1X16 Tons)
Clutch hydraulically operating with air assistance
Rim/ Tire twelve.00R20, Radial tyre
Wheel base 4600+1350(mm)
Capacity of tank body sixteen-25CBM
Thickness of tank body 5mm,With 5 cabin
Basic setup Gear oil pump, flow meter, flash hider, fire extinguisher
Overall dimension 9200×2500×3150mm
The curb weight 11940(Kg)
Gross weight 25000 kg
Max. speed 95km/h
Coloration White, red, green, golden and so on.

EURO 2-three-four -five-six














Sinotruck CZPT 6×4 336hp 371hp 15000L 18000L 20000L drinking water tank truck 15 tons eighteen tons 20 tons h2o sprinkler truck

one. Chinese CZPT large duty chassis brand in China—CZPT

2. Reduced oil usage with robust horse energy 371hp
three. Huge load potential fifteen-25ton
four. LHD or RHD are optional
five. Quantity of tanker fifteen-20cbm
6. One 12 months for a few important components (motor ,equipment-box, axle)

The photos of Sinotruck CZPT 6×4 336hp 371hp 15000L 18000L 20000L water tank truck 15 tons eighteen tons twenty tons water sprinkler truck:


HW seventy six CZPT Cab, Left hand travel, 1 sleeper. A/C

With two bunks, 70° hydraulically tillable to the entrance as hooked up picture for ref.

Automobile Major Dimensions (L x W x H)mm 11290x2500x3270
Wheel foundation (mm) 4600+1350
Wheel monitor (entrance/rear) (mm) 2571/1830
Method/Departure angle(°) 16/23
Bodyweight in KGS Tare Excess weight 11950
Loading Capability 20000
Front axles loading potential HF9 1×9000
Rear axles loading capacity ST16 2×16000
Max. driving speed(km/h) seventy five
Motor Manufacturer CZPT
Design WD615.forty seven
Kind 4-stroke direct injection , 6-cylinder in-line with water cooling, turbo-charging and inter-cooling
Horse Energy(HP) 371HP
Emission common CZPT 
CZPT HW19710, ten CZPTs gear & two reverse
Clutch Reinforced diaphragm clutch, diameter 430mm
Steering Gear ZF 8098, power steering, hydraulic steering with electrical power guidance
Gas tank (L) 300
Tire 12R22.5 radial metal tire 11 Parts like a single spare

Services brake: twin circuit compressed air brake

Parking brake :(crisis brake): spring power, compressed air running on rear wheels

Auxiliary brake: engine exhaust valve brake


20CBM, tank thickness is 4mm, seal is 5mm.

Equipped with entrance(rear, side)sprinkler(sprinkler width>14m).

Outfitted with pump(suction lift>6m)

Outfitted with fireplace valve, drinking water valve, and filter gauze.

Outfitted with rear operating system with h2o cannon.

Rubber Padding in between the tanker & chassis.

Parameter of water tank truck, water sprinkler truck:


• Rear mounted hydrant fill with an air space
• Substantial high quality, small upkeep, competitive price tag
• Quite a few spray head, spray bar(front, rear and aspect) and drinking water cannon(monitor, 360° rotatable) choices CZPT
• Several chassis CZPT

water truck Sprinkles standard configuration: previous blunt sprinkling, take lateral jet after sprinkled with tank right after, soon after work system, system after set up greening sprinkling, guns regt can rotate 360 degrees, but even right after modifying heavy rain, rain, drizzle, mist condition, straight strong shape, selection 30 meters. Take self-priming, given that row perform, get fireplace interface, with their valves, put in display screen.


drinking water truck oblique configuration: drugs dish, medication pumps, anticorrosion, tank intersectorial inlet and outlet water joint, solenoid valves, pneumatic valves, etc.

ater truck special function A. Water tank ability(L):6000L 10,000 Liters
B. Sprinkling spot(m):14-16m
C. Suction lift(m):≥7m
Drinking water cannon variety description
Drinking water cannon put in on the rear of the truck,also
with operation platform,that operator can perform on
the system.It can be utilised to clear road,trees,and
also for crisis fire preventing.
Drinking water cannon selection:≥60m,it can rotation with 360°
diploma freely
Manhole dimensions(mm) Man way accessibility gap on best of tank manhole
Front spray purpose Entrance spray bar with fan sprayer,spray variety: ≥20m
Man stroll way With skid resistance man stroll way on leading of tank
H2o pump model 80QZB(F)-sixty/90S
Circulation price(L/m) one thousand
CZPT of shipping and delivery(m) 60
Shaft energy 22.5
Suction top (m) six.five
Efficiency(%) ninety five%

Welcome all close to entire world client pay a visit to our manufacturing unit.-  which has superb functionality with realistic price tag.
one.Strong capability, high & far throw range, wide coverage area.
two.CZPTizable nozzles achieve precise volume spraying, high efficiency and spray speed.
3.Flexible power: three-phase 380V and diesel generator power supply optional
four.Flexible installation, fixed on the concrete platform or diesel generator-powered vehicles optional.
5.Remove control.Easily adjust the spray angle of horizontal rotation.
6.Compare to tank car, water consumption save 70% ~80%.

1.Environmental protection: CZPT pm2.5/10 dust control, Disinfection epidemic prevention, CZPT Demolition,Odor control at waste disposal & landfill sites,Humidifying, cooling and dust control on construction site, etc.
2.CZPT dust suppression:Open pit mining blasting/digging/ load&transport dust , Port material storage yard dust , Wharf Bulk Ships loading&unloading dust, Iron & steel plant stockpile & slag disposal dust, Power plant coal storage yard dust,  CZPT belt blanking point dust, Coal mine crushing dust,Haul roads dust,Storage and handling of bulk materials dust, etc.
three.CZPT protection:The sprayer can used for pest control in agriculture, orchard, garden areas,farmland, forest, road greening, grassland, pasture ,and so forth. 

Product DS-one hundred twenty
Toss 120m CZPT wind
Volume Flow 120L-160L/min
Fog Droplet Size (Adjustable ) 30-300μm
Water Pressure(Mpa) 2.5-three.5Mpa
Horizontal Rotation Angle (Adjustable ) ±160° Automatic
Pitching Angle (Adjustable ) -10°~45°
Coverage Area 34000~40000m² CZPT wind
Product Size(L*W*H) L295*W154*H275 (cm)
Water Tank Capacity (Optional) 4000-20000L
Vehicle Matching Agricultural vehicle,truck,watering cart,trailed vehicle, etc.
Guarantee 1year
Product DS-100
Throw (m) a hundred
Volume Flow (L/min) one hundred twenty~a hundred and sixty
Water Pressure (MPa) 2.five~3.five
Fog Droplet Size ( um ) thirty-two hundred
Horizontal Rotation Angle    
(Remote Control)
±160° Automatic
Pitching Angle      (Remote Control) -10°~45°
Coverage Area 23000~27000m² CZPT wind
Degree of Protection Not less than IP55
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H) L277*W154*H271cm
Water Tank Capacity (Optional) 4000-20000L

Design DS-thirty
Toss Horizontal: 30m Vertical: 20m (CZPT wind)
Volume Flow 9-18L/min
Fog Droplet Size (Adjustable ) fifty-150 μm
Water Pressure (Mpa) 1.five~three.0MPa
Pitching Angle -ten~90°
Horizontal Rotation Angle 180°  Manual
Overall Dimensions L130 * W115 * H148 (cm)
Water Tank Capacity (Optional) four hundred-2000L
Auxiliary Power Unit Diesel generator, plunger pump, motor
Vehicle Matching Agricultural vehicle,truck,watering cart,trailer, pickup car etc.


Design DS-35
Throw Distance Horizontal: 35m  Vertical: 20m
Volume Flow nine-18L/min
Fog Droplet Size (Adjustable ) 50-150μm
Water Pressure (Mpa) 1.five~3.0MPa
Pitching Angle -10~90°
Horizontal Rotation Angle 360° Automatic
Overall dimension L145 * W113 * H176 (cm)
Water Tank Capacity (Optional) 400-2000L
Auxiliary Power Unit Gasoline generator, plunger pump, motor
Vehicle Matching Agricultural vehicle,truck,watering cart,trailer, pickup car etc.


Model DS-forty
Throw  Horizontal: 40m  Vertical: 25m (no wind)
Volume Flow sixteen-24L/min
Fog Droplet Size (Adjustable ) fifty-150μm
Water Pressure (Mpa) 1.5~3.0MPa
Pitching Angle -ten~45°
Horizontal Rotation Angle 180°  Manual / 360° Automatic
Overall Dimension L1560 * W750 * H1700 (mm)
Water Tank Capacity (Optional) four hundred-4000L
Auxiliary Power Unit diesel generator set (optional), plunger pump, motor
Vehicle Matching Agricultural vehicle,truck,watering cart,trailer, pickup car etc.


Design DS-50
Max Throw 50m*no wind condition
Discharge (Adjustable) sixteen~30L/min (less water consumption)
Fog Droplet Size (Adjustable) 30um-50um /50um-100um
Horizontal Rotation Angle 180°manual control / 320°remote control
Pitching Angle -10°~40°
Coverage Area 5000~7000m² CZPT wind
Water Pressure 1.five~three.5MPa
Auxiliary Power Unit 20KW Diesel Generator Set
Proportions(L*W*H) 158×145×175cm
Sprayer Tank According to customer’s requirements
Vehicle Matching Agricultural vehicle,truck,watering cart,trailer vehicle, etc.
Water Tank Capacity (Optional) 4000-20000L


Product DS-60 
 Throw ≥60m
 Volume Flow 70L-80L/min
 Fog Droplet Size (Adjustable ) 30-150 µm
 Water Pressure(Mpa) 2.~three.5Mpa
 Water Pressure(bar) 20-35bar
 Water Pressure(kg) 20-35kg
 Motor RPM 2900
 Horizontal Rotation Angle ±160° Automatic
 Pitching Angle -10°~45°
 Coverage Area 8,000 ~ten,000m2
 Product Size ( L * W * H) L220 * W154 * H239 (cm)
Vehicle Matching Agricultural vehicle,truck,watering cart,trailed vehicle, etc.
Water Tank Capacity (Optional) 4000-20000L


Model DS-80
 Throw 80m no wind
 Volume Flow (Adjustable) 105L-118L/min
 Fog Droplet Size (Adjustable ) 30-150um
 Water Pressure (Mpa) two.5~three.5Mpa
 Horizontal Rotation Angle ±160° Automatic
 Pitching Angle 10° +45°
Coverage Area 15000~17000m² CZPT wind
 Overall Dimensions (L*W*H) L241*W153*H250(cm)

Sinotruck HOWO 6X6 Water Bowser off Road 20t